Angela's Story

Angela Pagel is a wife, mother of three and 2nd grade teacher at Prairie Branch Elementary in Grain Valley, MO. On September 24, 2018, in the early morning hours, Angela passed out while tending to her brand new six day old baby girl, Briella. Her husband, Jeff, heard her fall and ran to her aid. She was unresponsive and could not communicate or hardly move. Jeff immediately called 911 for help and Angela was rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery which saved her life.

Angela suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke caused by a brain bleed.

Her surgery lasted over 3 hours while family and friends anxiously awaited the outcome. Angela has a long road ahead and will need lots of time to heal and rehab from this injury.  We know she has suffered some damage as a result of the brain bleed, but the extent and eventual outcome of these deficiencies is still unknown.

We are very hopeful for her recovery, but we know this will be a long and trying road for both Angela and her family.  They are a beautiful family with two other children to support along with Briella. It is unknown how long Jeff and Angela will need to be off of work, and medical bills are mounting. It is still unknown what potential modifications will be needed to allow Angela to return home when she is able. 


Our goal is to raise funds to assist with the medical expenses and loss of income for the family and to show our love and support by holding this 5k Run/Walk and 1 Mile Family Stroll.  


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